25 Nov, 2013

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Here I provide information about my guitar amplifier DIY projects. This is a translation of the German texts into English, caused by so many requests I have received from places all over the planet.

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INCOWEB provides professionell solutions in the areas of internet-design,
web-programming and IT-services e.g.Managed Server.

One of my most loved leisure time activities is building replicas from historical guitar-amplifiers, mainly those once developed by Leo Fender in the U.S. Important building phases I have documented with the digital camera and added to the project-documents on the following pages in order to give you a better understanding of the different building steps and procedures . A picture is just better than 1000 words!
All the scetches and drawings I have posted I do provide for your personal and private use only. Any commercial use is strictly forbidden. An exception from this rule requires my written authorisation.

Finally: I you ever find a typo within these pages ....
                           Just keep it!

Self made Princeton Reverb
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